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The Language Gym

Train Your Way To Swedish Fluency

The language gym offers daily, online group classes and convenient on-demand recordings.

What's Included With Your Language Gym Membership?

✅ Access To 60 Hours of Live Group Classes Every Month (12:00 & 18:00 Swedish Time)
✅ Book Classes Easily Within Our App
✅ Learn From The Most Popular Swedish Language Trainers In The World
✅ Get Access To On-Demand, Custom Made Swedish Courses & Training
✅ Fun & Engaging Lessons That Keep You Wanting To Come Back For More (Ex. Game nights, trivia challenges, charades, etc.)
✅ A Dedicated Community of High Achieving Swedish Language Learners With Access To A Private Facebook Group

See What Language Lock In Students Say


'Language lock-in has made communicating in Swedish feel more natural.'


'Language lock-in programs have helped me establish new language learning habits for the future'.


'I would recommend language lock-in to anyone who lives or wants to live in Sweden.'


'Being part of the language lock-in is like being part of a team. A very good team.'


'I was so proud and appreciative that the language lock-in team was so caring and compassionate.'


'The language lock-in a great way to get a better and higher sense of self-confidence.'

Meet Our Top Trainers

Fredrik Arhusiander
From The Simple Swedish Podcast
Fredrik is a language expert and a native of Gothenburg, Sweden. He has achieved a conversational level in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, and Czech and has made it his mission to help others achieve fluency in his native language, Swedish. Fred also runs the most listened-to Swedish Language learning podcast in the world.
Stefan Thyron
As Seen On YouTube
Stefan holds a Master's In Teaching from Concordia University. He moved to Sweden from the U.S. in 2017 and now speaks Swedish daily with friends and colleagues at a fluent level. He has documented his experience learning the language on his YouTube channel which has over 100k subscribers.
Katrin Berndt
Founder of Slow Swedish
Katrin is a social media star with hundreds of thousands of loyal Swedish language-learning followers. Her trademark style is creating fun, engaging, Swedish content in a slow and easy-to-understand manner. She's also worked with many students both individually and in group settings to help them crush their language learning goals.

Get Started Today And Get 50% Off Your First Month

Soon you'll be speaking fluent Swedish like never before.

Flexible Membership Options

Choose the right membership for your level of commitment.


599 SEK/Month
150 SEK Per Class
If you just want a little extra practice.
✅ 4 Group Class Bookings/Month
✅ Facebook Community Access
✅ On Demand Pre-Recorded Content


899 SEK/Month
112 SEK Per Class
Designed for those committed to two classes every week.
✅ 8 Group Class Bookings/Month
✅ Facebook Community Access
✅ On Demand Pre-Recorded Content


1 799 SEK/Month
30 SEK Per Class
If your goal is to improve as quickly as possible.
✅ Unlimited Group Class Bookings
✅ Facebook Community Access
✅ On Demand Pre-Recorded Content

Why Join The Language Gym?

Make Your Swedish Learning More Fun

Learning a language is much easier when you're having fun! That's why we've gamified our classes to create a more dynamic and engaging way to learn Swedish.

Learn From Anywhere In The World

Whether in Sweden or elsewhere, you can connect to the language gym from anywhere! With multiple classes every day, you can immerse yourself in Swedish regardless of where you are.

A Community of Awesome Members

Learning Swedish is much easier when you have a supportive community all around you. Meet new Swedish learners just like you, and make new connections for life!

Start Booking Your Language Classes Today

All classes available from our mobile app.
Download on the android or apple app store after becoming a member.
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