Registrations for the summer boot camp from Aug. 16th, 2024 - Aug. 25th, 2024 are now open! Apply here.

Your Fast Track To Speaking Fluently Starts Here!

Language Lock In immersion programs make learning languages faster, easier, and more fun than ever before.
Whether you want an in-person immersive experience, or live group classes online, we’ve got you covered.

Here's What Language Lock In Students Say

Physical Boot Camps
Experience living with tutors and peers for 9 days- over 200 hours of total language immersion in a high-paced, fun, and gamified setting. Every aspect of your life will take place in Swedish throughout this experience! This will be epic.

The Language Gym
Book online group classes with top Swedish instructors to start training Swedish immediately. With over 60 hours of fun and engaging lessons monthly and a community of awesome members, the language gym is the perfect place to learn Swedish from anywhere in the world!

The First Step To Confidence In Swedish Starts Here!

Apply for an immersion boot camp or join our digital language gym community.
''Since the Language Lock In experience, it feels like a big rock has fallen off my shoulders. Suddenly being in the office stopped being torture for me and I finally feel being on the right path in Sweden. I think that’s due not only to the language skills boost but also to the personal reflections and development during and after those 9 days.''
Winter 2023 Boot Camp Participant
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