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Here's What Participants Say

''This program has made it easier for me to stay with the Swedish language in my day-to-day life, and not feel the urge to immediately switch to English if I can’t think of a specific word. Overall it has made communicating in Swedish feel more natural and has led to me using Swedish more in my life.''

LLI Participant 2023
''The Language Lock-In was a wonderful experience. I met so many new friends, there was a fun dynamic, and for me it was a great way to reach a new level of confidence with the Swedish language.''

LLI Participant 2023

The part of the program that I was most pleased with was the cultural experience of it. Living in a house, just speaking Swedish, doing all these different activities like cooking together, movie nights, the crayfish party, and meeting new people- these were the parts I enjoyed the most.

LLI Participant 2023

How does The Language Lock In Work?

Over the course of 6 weeks, you'll go through 4 steps on your journey toward Swedish fluency.

Step 1: Total Immersion Preparation
In this initial phase, you'll get 1:1 coaching, goal setting, and preparation to set you up for success throughout the program. By laying a solid foundation, you'll go into the intensive boot camp with a great mindset and the resources you need to have an amazing experience in the house.

Step 2: Language Immersion Boot Camp
This ultra-intensive boot camp is where the magic happens! Here you will experience living with tutors and peers for 9 days- over 200 hours of total language immersion in a high-paced, fun, and gamified setting. Every aspect of your life will take place in Swedish throughout this experience! This will be epic.

Step 3: Adapt To The Real World
Now that you've been totally immersed in Swedish for a solid amount of time, you're ready to carry things over into the real world! In this step, your journey continues with a month-long language challenge of speaking only Swedish in your real life day to day. With language experts and accountability partners by your side, you’ll build massive confidence that you can live your life in Swedish like never before!

Step 4: Continued Support & Community
After completing the first 3 steps, you'll feel a sense of confidence and command of Swedish to move forward strongly. However, true mastery of a language isn't achieved overnight. Through The Language Lock In experience, you’ll build lifelong connections, friends, and a support network like none other to ensure the skills you acquire lay the foundation for future success.

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