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Swedish Language Gym Class Directory

Here you'll find descriptions to some of our most popular classes in the language gym.

Role play

In this lesson you will role play with other members. The teacher presents a situation, goes through vocabulary, then you get to role play with each other in small groups. We run themes such as job interviews, customer service, booking hotel rooms or doctor's appointments.

Series club

Movies and series are like a window into a culture. You not only learn the language, but also how the culture works. Everything from structures in social life and society, to humour, relationships and working life. Between each lesson, everyone watches the same episode of a specific series. Then we discuss that passage during class, learn new words, and relate different events to our own lives.

Tricky Grammar

Do you find grammar a bit difficult at times? Is it hard to find fun ways to practice grammar? In these lessons we practice specific grammar concepts that are often difficult - in a fun and social way! For example, we practice word order, conditionals, time expressions and differences between similar words, such as the three different Swedish words for think.

Vocabulary Boost

In this lesson you will learn many new words on different themes. You also get to practice using these words during the group exercises.
*In this class you will learn many new words about different topics. You will also get to practice using these words during the group exercises.

Language cafe

In this lesson we explore a new theme every day that gives an insight into everything that is unique to Sweden - everything from snus and wounds to the cozy tradition of fika. Lessons begin with a short, easy-to-read text that introduces the week's topic. After we read the text together, we open up for a relaxed discussion about the week's questions where everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and experiences.